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Industry Home entertainment
Region UK
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HD27e home projector
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Ashleigh Fox
She-lion, writer, creative thinker, curvy ballerina, hopeful romantic, Star Wars & Disney fan, gamer, and lover of long romantic walks...To the fridge.
“I LOVE it for gaming. TVs are just not big enough or offer as much clarity for me now."
Ashleigh Fox
“Some of the Cornish cinemas here only use 1080p projectors. I have a similar quality now here. So, why go out on a cold dark night when I have my own cinema at home?"
Ashleigh Fox
“I would recommend this projector 100%. A few friends are already toying with getting a projector having seen my set up."
Ashleigh Fox

Digital athlete is top of the scoreboard with HD27e

The Challenge

After ten years using her trusty Optoma HD65 720p projector every day as her main TV, gaming and home movie cinema projector– it was time for Ashleigh Fox to upgrade.

Ashleigh from St Ives in Cornwall said:

“Even though my HD65 wasn’t 1080p - it still looked great and impressed friends and family, which is why I put off upgrading for so long. But I wanted to be able to watch Blu-ray in the best quality possible and needed a better screen for gaming and films, especially during the day.

“You probably wouldn’t keep a TV for ten years and this projector had aged extremely well. I’d only needed to replace the bulb once in all that time – and that was after eight years!  Because of the longevity and value for money, there was no doubt in my mind to buy another Optoma projector.”

Ashleigh chose the HD27e all-round home entertainment projector, which combines high brightness with exceptional colour accuracy. 

Despite weighing less than 2.5kg, the projector has a powerful 3,400 lumen brightness rating and can reproduce accurate Rec.709 HDTV broadcast specification colours.  Two HDMI inputs ensure an easy set-up - perfect for connecting a laptop, PC, Blu-ray player, media streamer or games console. HDMI dongles like Google Chromecast™ or Amazon Fire TV can also be directly connected to the projector.  The HD27e has an integrated 10W speaker but is also equipped with an audio output for connection to external sound systems.

A keen gamer, Ashleigh has made the projector’s gaming mode her default setting.  This optimises the projector for fast response times, maximum contrast and vivid colours.  She has this connected to her XBox One and PlayStation 4, as well as Google Chromecast and surround sound system and projects onto a 100-inch Optoma screen.

Ashleigh mostly uses the projector for gaming and films but it is also her main device for watching TV through apps like All4 and ITV player - via the Chromecast and Xbox. 

She enthuses:

“I LOVE it for gaming.  TVs are just not big enough or offer as much clarity for me now.

“I definitely believe it has helped me to become a better gamer (or digital athlete, whatever you’d like to call it).  I haven’t noticed any lag at all.  I’m super impressed. I looked at getting the Optoma GT1080e short throw gaming projector, but I don’t see (other than the short throw aspect) how it could be any better than the HD27e. 

“The game mode is superb and no lag means I am top of the scoreboard quite frequently. I play a lot of first person shooter games. At the minute it’s Call of Duty World War II.

“The best thing is the ability to use it with the lights on. Even during the day I can still see the game or DVD perfectly. The imagery is so visually immersive that when I first upgraded it felt like the screen was dramatically bigger!  It feels like you could just step through the screen and enter the world of whatever it is you’re watching.

“Some of the Cornish cinemas here only use 1080p projectors.  I have a similar quality now here.  So, why go out on a cold dark night when I have my own cinema at home?

“I would recommend this projector 100%. A few friends are already toying with getting a projector having seen my set up. 

“I don’t have a huge room specifically for projecting – so it’s my main display.  My dream is to have a separate room with designated lazy boys but for now wherever I move I will always make sure there’s a room big enough for my projector.  I spend so much time gaming and watching films, I won’t revert back to a TV now.”

Image copyright © Ashleigh Fox

The Solution

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HD27e home projector
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